Drink Menu

Drink Menu

Thirsty? We have a delicious range of drinks to choose from. Try one of our coffees, teas, juices or smoothies.


Our espresso-based coffees are made with double shots of the Market Blend from Caravan Coffee Roasters as standard. For more information on other decaf and guest coffees, please see our updated posts on the main page.

Espresso                      2.2
3oz Macchiato                    2.4
4oz Cortado                        2.5
6oz Flat White                     2.6
6oz Cappuccino                   2.6
8oz Latte                               2.7
12oz Large Latte & Cappuccino 2.9

10oz Swedish style filter coffee  2.5

10oz Hot Chocolate – made from organic raw cacao  3.1
10oz Mocha 3.3
10oz Ginger Mocha 3.5

Milk options

Oat milk – Great with coffee! +20p
Bonsoy / Organic Almond / Organic Hazelnut +40p


Tea & Infusions
All our teas and infusions are made from loose leaves. We don’t use sugar based syrups or flavorings.  

Loose leaf English Breakfast Tea (Ceylon)      1.95
Take away teas – choose from list of loose leaf teas below       2.95

Pot of tea – choose from list of loose leaf teas below      3.6

 Organic Sencha, Isa Bay – Mie Prefecture (Japan)
 Organic Dragon Well, Zhejiang (China)
 Organic Ceylon Gunpowder, Greenfield est, Uva (Ceylon)
 Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Fujian (China)

 Ginseng Oolong (Taiwan)
 Royal Pu-Erh, Yunnan (China)

 English Breakfast, Elia & Nuwarra (Ceylon)
 Dian Hong, Yunnan (China)
 Darjeeling First Flush (India)
 Darjeeling Earl Grey, Darjeeling & Calabria (India & Italy)
 Thowra TGFOP 2nd Flush, Assam (India)
 Lapsang Souchong, Fujian (China)

Caffeine free infusions
 Organic Rooibos, Western Cape (South Africa)
 Organic Peppermint
 Organic Chamomile, Nile River (Egypt)
 Hibiscus ‘Bora bora’ Fruit Infusion

Turmeric Latte (made from fresh turmeric) 3.2
Chai (made from fresh spices and Ceylon tea) 3.5
Matcha Latte (made with ceremonial grade matcha and almond milk) 3.5

 Juices & Smoothies

From 3.95