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Located in the heart of Angel, KOBO Cafe serves specialty coffee, teas, cakes, snacks and food. We also roast coffee in a nearby roastery in East London. 
We have adapted our service during since March, due to the Covid situation, and continue to provide a safe takeaway service from our front door. You can also find some of our products available on Uber Eats. We are open seven days a week.

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Ingredients, allergies & nutrition

Ingredients, allergies & nutrition

We use high quality, sustainable ingredients

Ingredients, Allergies & Nutrition

We are quite particular when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. It should be of highest quality and as sustainable and good as possible. Otherwise we look elsewhere.

Our coffees are sourced through quality minded green coffee importers, who works transparently and creates sustainable relationships with coffee producers. This also means that even smallholder farmers will receive a significantly higher than fair-trade price for their coffees.

Most of our food and drinks are free from the some of the most common allergens.

For our drinks, we have a selection of nut and oat milks which gives good options to dairy.

At Kobo Cafe we use a lot of nuts and seeds. We know that allergies to these products can be of a sensitive nature, so please let us know if you have a nut allergy so we can make sure that all is safe.


Healthy, Organic Food


Kobo Cafe believes in the philosophy of healthy food and clean eating. We make our food from scratch and we are very careful in selecting our ingredients. Our  menu includes great options for an all day brunch as well as options to grab on the go.

Clean eating helps for a healthy, happy life.

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Try our healthy lunch options at Kobo Cafe

Try our healthy snack options at Kobo Cafe

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Kobo Cafe coffee


Coffee is a way of life for us. Whether it’s an espresso or Swedish style batch brew you’re after, we can guarantee you’ll love our coffee made with our KOBO roasted coffee beans. Please find out more of where our current selection is from on our blog page.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, we also have delicious loose leaf teas by The Tea Makers, as well as fresh pressed juices and smoothies.

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Opening hours & Contact info

We’d love to hear from you

Email: kobo@kobocafe.co.uk

Phone: 020 3417 9599

Alternative phone: 07508859295


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm


Upper Street 346, London, N1 0PD, United Kingdom

Partners and links

Partners and links

We are happy to work with some driven and dedicated people to be able to do what we do.

Our teas are sourced by The Tea Makers of London. The quality and range is just outstanding and the teas speak best for themselves. Come in for a cup and try!