Finca El Saman is situated up in the north east corner of Cauca and a region that is not well known within specialty coffee due to the difficulty accessing this region due to the civil war and illicit activities that take place.

Aurora Noscue has always been involved in coffee as it has been passed from generation to generation in her family. Although the work is hard Aurora has sought education to improve her techniques and management of the family farm to help them receive more from the farm. With this ambition and drive she has also been a leader in a local Women’s group where they are empowering women in business and supporting 120 families with their ‘Alianzas Productivas’ group. By being a leader, this has exposed Aurora to threats from the groups who are trying to run the area with their illegal activities.

On the farm amongst the castillo and colombia trees there are banana and citrus trees to provide shade for the coffee. During the harvest the coffee is hand-picked and separated for quality before then being pulped and fermented for 18- 20 hours without water. Then the coffee is washed before being dried on the roof or in a parabolic drier for 8 – 14 days weather depending.

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