Kobo’s first filter coffee for our Swedish brew

Kobos first house filter coffee!

Jamie Casalla’s Caturra, roasted by Caravan at King’s Cross.
We brew it in Swedish batch filter style, with a focus on a complex, rich body.

These Caturra beans comes from Jaime Casallas’ farm El Prado, which is located in Huila, Colombia. El Prado translates to “The Meadow” and the farm is situated at 1850 masl.

Caravan Coffee Roasters tells us:
“Washing, fermentation and drying follow the traditional Colombian process of
an overnight dry fermentation followed by a thorough rinse with fresh, clean
water. Drying times can be slow at such high altitudes; anywhere between 15 –
25 days, so extra care, skill and attention is required to produce clean and
consistent coffee. Something that Jaime has in abundance.”

Jaime’s 4 hectares of land is predominately planted with the varietal Caturra.
These lovely bright flavours will light up your day!

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