New Espresso Blend

We roast single origin specialty coffees that we blend to a spectacular and unique house espresso. Please let us introduce our current house blend:

Members of AMECAFE – Serra de Mantiqueira. Photo credit: Falcon Specialty
  • Two thirds of the KOBO house espresso is sourced from AMECAFE Women’s Producer Group which is based in Serra de Mantiqueira, Minas de Sul, Brazil.

    This group is formed of 50 members who meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge and educate each other about coffee farming and production. They want to empower each other and their families by improving the quality of their lives through coffee. Our coffee beans are harvested on 8 different farms ranging from 4 – 90 ha in size. We contribute to help fund the building of a cupping lab for the group to advance their knowledge and understanding of the coffee they produce.

We love this coffee and use it as the base of our espresso roast. With a backbone of cherries, nutella, dark chocolate and orange marmalade it provides a great foundation for a rich and juicy espresso.

  • The other part of our espresso roast has a very different story and a taste that compliments the Brazilian beans very well. This coffee is sourced from Mustefa Abakeno – a smallholder farmer in the Jimma region of Western Ethiopia. The farm and wet mill are situated 2040 meters above sea level, and the small farm is planted with variety selections from the Jimma coffee research centre.
Mustefa Abakeno. Photo credit: Falcon Specialty

Due to limited supply of fresh water in the area, Mustefa ferments the coffee for a short period of time before he moves it to his drying beds. Although this is a washed coffee, this method results in something similar to a honey processed coffee with complex floral notes backed with currants, stone fruit and bergamot.

Mustefa is now registered as an exporter, enabling him to sell his coffee directly to buyers. Since the change in regulations in Ehtiopia made direct coffee trade possible, this can have a very positive impact on the quality of coffee as well as the profitability for the farmers. We source this coffee from Mustefa through Falcon Specialty Coffee who work directly with Mustefa and his neighbours to improve cherry selection, farm management and coffee processing and analysing.

Please visit our coffee shop in Angel to try our coffee and for a chat. We love meeting coffee lovers! We host coffee cuppings on a regular basis, where you get a chance to taste our coffees as well as coffees from fellow roasters. Please keep an eye out on our Instagram page @kobo_cafe for invites.

If you are interested in serving our coffee in your coffee shop or restaurant, please get in touch with us at .

For further information, please feel free to contact us via email or visit our website

Issued by: Kobo Cafe, 346 Upper Street, London, N1 0PD

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