Bundle #1 V60 + East African Coffee


A great gift for anyone who wants to brew great coffee at home (or on the road) with ease. This kit includes everything you need but the cup: A V60 drip filter, filter papers, a scoop for easy measurement (if no scale is around) and a bag of lovely East African coffee.

Choose between the following coffees:

Amaje label Gitwe label
This lovely, fruity coffee has a good body with extra everything! A great example of a naturally processed coffee from Yirgacheffe! Lots of peach and candy aromas, with a smooth sweet body and a aromatic acidity to carry the flavours. A real crowd pleaser! This coffee is so easy to drink that some even say “quaffable”. Yet it has an abundance of flavours and aromas that can keep you exploring time after time. The smooth body, paired with caramel notes, and aromas of dried fruit and spices makes it a must for the festive season!




Rwanda Gitwe – Whole Beans, Rwanda Gitwe – Ground for filter


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