Ethiopia Amaje 250g



This lovely, fruity coffee is a true all-rounder and suitable for all brewing methods. A great example of a natural coffee from Yirgacheffe! Lots of peach and candy aromas, with a smooth sweet body and a aromatic acidity to carry the flavours.

Amaje is a processed natural coffee with a clean and fruity profile. It is produced by Buriso Amaje, whose 8ha farm is located at 2150-2300masl in Segera Kebele, southern Ethiopia.

The coffee is mostly grown under shade, being interplanted with Albizia, enset (Ethiopian or ‘false’ banana), Sesbania and other fruit trees, including avocado and banana. The soil is a rich, fertile loam.

Once the red coffee cherries are fully ripe, they are harvested and sorted by hand in flotation tanks. They are then carefully dried on African (raised) beds for 18-20 days, first in a single layer, then with a gradual increase in thickness, ending at 10cm for the last two days of drying.
The cherries are turned every hour in order to control the fermentation and to ensure uniformity across the lot. The moisture level is measured before the coffee is moved to the warehouse.

Grind size

Whole beans, Ground for espresso machine, Ground for stovetop/moka pot, Ground for filter coffee, Ground for French press & cold brew


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