Rwanda Kageyo 250g



Recommended for:

  • Filter coffee
  • French press / Cafetiere
  • Aeropress
  • Moka pot / Stovetop
  • Cold brew

We love this juicy and smooth coffee from Kageyo washing station in Rwanda! It has many layers, notably with dried apricot and a juiciness in the foreground, but with a lovely spiciness and a smooth milk chocolate aftertaste. A true all rounder; great as a filter coffee, but works wonders as stovetop and cafetiere as well.

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Kageyo washing station is situated in the fertile highlands skirting Lake Kivu in the west of the country. It was established in 2009, when a cooperative of smallholder farmers received a loan to build a CPU where they could process their coffees. These smallholders grow coffee on small plots amongst the surrounding hills, where altitudes undulate between 1800 and 2000 meters.

Prior to building the washing station, Kageyo co-op had produced only produced semi-washed coffee. Their first year of operation was 2010, where they processed 67 tons of coffee cherries, and miraculously, in the same year, Kageyo took 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition in Rwanda. The following year, Kageyo won the 2011 competition, representing an incredible achievement for the co-op of farmers and the washing station.

Grind size

Whole beans, Ground for espresso machine, Ground for stovetop/moka pot, Ground for filter coffee, Ground for French press & cold brew


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