KOBO Original Blend (250g)


Our signature blend will change slightly with the seasons and due to the fact that we buy coffee from small lots with limited availability.

Currently the Original blend consists of two stunning coffees; from the Ruffatti family in El Salvador, and from Burisa Amaje with neighbours in Ethiopia. They compliment each other beautifully and this blend is sure to make your day a bit better! Please find a little introduction of the two below.


Stunning view from Finca El Salvador

In 1866, the Ruffatti family founded a clothing company that supplied cashmere and linen menswear to the king of Italy. The El Salvador chapter of their story began when Rodolfo Ruffatti, the youngest of several sons, decided to seek adventure in El Salvador in the 1910s. Rodolfo moved to Santa Ana to help his uncle run a general store. For several years, the Ruffatti general store sold clothing, food, general supplies and even Studebaker automobiles.

When the Great Depression hit in 1929, Rodolfo switched from retail to coffee production, joining his father-in-law, Luigi Risso on his farm. When Luigi died, he bequeathed his farm to his daughter, Adela and son-in-law, Rodolfo. Today, the 5th generation of Ruffattis continues the tradition of producing high-quality coffee at Finca El Salvador.

The Ruffattis are dedicated to farming in concert with nature. Coffee is shade grown underneath a diverse canopy of local species. They do not use herbicides and do everything they can to protect the natural diversity of the farm.

Cherry is selectively handpicked. Ripe, red cherry is delivered to raised beds to sundry. Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 20 to 30 days for cherry to dry.


This is one of the lots that have come from a group of small farmers in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia. With the changes to export laws in Ethiopia, small producers are now able to market their coffee directly, but this is still very challenging, and few have access to capital to make this happen. This group of farmers in Sidama all have between 3 and 12 hectares and all have their own export licenses, however this year they have assigned Buriso Amaje as their group leader and he coordinated the milling and export of the coffee alongside the Falcon Specialty team in Addis. Coffee cherries

Basha and his wife and two children own 3 hectares of coffee the Bombe village in Bensa, Sidama. Basha grows the 74160 variety which he got through the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre. The coffee is mostly grown under shade, being interplanted with Albizia, enset (Ethiopian or ‘false’ banana), Sesbania and other fruit trees, including avocado and banana. The soil is a rich, fertile loam.

Once the red coffee cherries are fully ripe, they are harvested and sorted by hand in flotation tanks. They are then carefully dried on African (raised) beds for 18-20 days, first in a single layer, then with a gradual increase in thickness, ending at 10cm for the last two days of drying.
The cherries are turned every hour in order to control the fermentation and to ensure uniformity across the lot. The moisture level is measured before the coffee is moved to the warehouse.

Grind size

Whole beans, Ground for espresso machine, Ground for stovetop/moka pot, Ground for filter coffee, Ground for French press & cold brew


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