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Marjorie Pereira at Sitio Ipe

Being a micro roaster and a café owner herself, Marjorie knows the quality expectations of her coffees. It’s not a coinciendence that Sitio Ipê is regulary in the top section of the local quality competitions.

This year was no different, finishing in 4th place at Minasul’s competition. With rich fruit cup notes combined with a honey glazed finish, this Sitio Ipê is a very well produced natural micro lot.

The storyMarjorie Pereira at Sitio Ipe of the Iabrudi family with Sitio do Ipê, in Três Corações, began in the 1980s, when the patriarch, Ricardo Iabrudi acquired the first piece of land on the banks of the Fernão Dias motorway. After almost 30 years living in the urban area of ​​Varginha and going to the farm every weekend to dedicate themselves to producing quality coffees, the family decided to move there once and for all. In 2010, thinking of a way to add value to their product, and taking advantage of Marjorie’s retirement – who was a dentist in Varginha – they opened their Grão da Terra coffee shop in front of their Sítio. The idea was to take the experience to the final consumer: from seed to cup. Today, they follow the legacy left prematurely by their father, Ricardo: that of working with the family constantly to produce and bring the best to the customer. And this is proven by the countless awards won over the last decade.

Grind size

Whole beans, Ground for espresso machine, Ground for stovetop/moka pot, Ground for filter coffee, Ground for French press & cold brew


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