Colombia Huila Timana 250g



This coffee comes from the Huila region in Southern Colombia. As in most other countries, the typical flavours of coffee will vary between the regions and we think this coffee is a great example to showcase this. Coffee from Huila is often quite rich, with a caramel or syrup sweetness, pronounced fruit and a medium to high acidity and in this coffee we will find the smooth juicy body, combined with a caramel sweetness and a balanced lemon acidity.

Huila is a region with rich volcanic soils nestled in between two ranges of the Andes. This coffee has been selected from various smallholder farmers from the mountain slopes surrounding Timan√°, which is the municipality of Huila.

Grind size

Whole beans, Ground for espresso machine, Ground for stovetop/moka pot, Ground for filter coffee, Ground for French press & cold brew


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